Results + Relationship Skills = Sustainable Success

Linkages, a woman-owned (WBE) consulting firm since 1996, is a Dallas/Fort Worth training and leadership development provider.

Results + Relationship Skills = Sustainable Success

We specialize in identifying which behaviors need to be developed, providing training and coaching that target those skills and re-assessment.

We partner with Management Research Group® to assess goal-focused and social skills with a highly advanced and reliable 360 tool along with a behaviorally specific action plan.

We deliver award-winning VitalSmarts® programs based on the New York Times best-selling books Crucial Conversations®, Crucial Accountability®, Influencer® and Getting Things Done®.

We now have the proof! Research confirms that the most effective leaders and teams possess both goal-focused and social skill sets. The problem is that most people are not highly skilled in both areas.

Thousands of employees were asked to rate their bosses on both goal focus and social skills to examine how often a leader scored high on both. The results are astonishing. Less than 1% of leaders were rated high on both goal focus and social skills. This is important because we know that you need both to be sustainably successful.

There are two main reasons for the low score. Biology and Business! Our brains make it difficult to be good at both at the same time and the business environment has typically encouraged analytical skills over social skills. Let us share more about the research and what can be done with our presentation:

Can Leaders Be Results AND Relationship Focused?