Looking for a sure-fire way to enhance accountability, improve performance, and ensure execution? Crucial Accountability teaches a specific set of skills for addressing situations where the results you got didn't match the expectations you set. The highly acclaimed course teaches a step-by-step process for addressing conflict, holding others accountable, and building productive relationships. Organizations where employees are able to effectively hold each other accountable experience improvements in execution, working relationships, and overall performance.

Use when:

  • Individuals are not keeping commitments they make.
  • You see noncompliance with known policies, procedures, government standards, safety regulations, etc.
  • Successful execution depends on processes and people who are accountable.
  • You see spotty or variable performance.
  • Performance has reached a plateau and is not improving.
  • You must conduct performance reviews.
  • Poor performance is repeatedly discussed, but you fail to get to the root cause.