Results + Relationship Skills = Sustainable Success

Training Programs

Crucial Conversations®

Create Open Dialogue and Resolve Disagreement

If it's a problem with poor quality, declining customer satisfaction, or strained relationships, you need to be able to talk honestly. Crucial Conversations Training teaches skills for communicating when stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. You'll learn how to speak with complete candor (no matter the topic) and complete respect (no matter the person). Put our award-winning training to work and you'll be able to surface the best ideas, make high-quality decisions, and act on those decisions with unity and commitment.

Use when:

  • People cannot resolve conflicts or come to an agreement.
  • Good ideas are not heard or remain hidden.
  • People withhold feedback and important information from management.
  • Your projects require collaboration from various individuals and stakeholders.
  • Important decisions must be made.
  • There are undiscussable issues.
  • You do not know how to start tough conversations.
  • The environment seems emotional and political.