Soliciting and acting upon feedback is one of the leading factors contributing to highly successful executives. Our experience indicates that the higher one goes up the corporate ladder, the less likely one is to receive constructive criticism or developmental feedback. Interestingly, lack of positive feedback is also an issue. People assume that leaders do not need to hear encouragement or praise. This form of feedback is as essential to success as developmental feedback as it promotes incremental continuous improvement. Coaching offers both forms of feedback from an unbiased source and involves the use of the leadership assessment tool from MRG® and one-on-one discussions and action planning.

This distinguished product provides valid and reliable feedback from self and others - direct reports, peers, and bosses - on the use of leadership behaviors. LEA 360 produces a rich feedback report complete with profiles, narratives, strategic implications, and developmental opportunities. Because the feedback is based on behaviors, change and improvement efforts are realistic and tangible. The LEA Resource Guide, included with the feedback report, suggests action steps and provides tools for prioritizing and focusing developmental actions.