Whether you're tackling culture change or simply trying to get people in your organization to behave differently, Influencer Training is the solution. This award-winning training teaches a step-by-step approach for changing the behavior of teams and organizations. Through hands-on exercises and video case studies of modern-day change agents, leaders learn how to use six sources of influence to overcome their most persistent challenges. Research shows that those who follow the Influencer model are ten times more likely to succeed at producing rapid and sustainable behavior change.

Use when:

  • You need a proven approach for solving persistent behavior change challenges in your team or organization.
  • Bad behaviors have become entrenched.
  • Important skills, training, or good behaviors must be adopted for organizational success.
  • You need to change a culture or a way of thinking.
  • Several factors combine to encourage behaviors you do not want, or to limit the behaviors you do want.
  • The change you wish to make could require more than just talking to someone.
  • There is resistance to change.