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Training Programs

Presentation Skills

Customized workshops or individual coaching sessions are designed to improve large or small group presentation skills. The emphasis is on learning how to make presentations memorable and motivating.

The employees groups that have been trained in this Presentation Skills workshop include:

  • Subject matter experts who are called upon to present or train and have little experience or comfort in front of groups.
  • New trainers.
  • Human Resource professionals who need to present on various HR topics.
  • Sales professionals who need to offer more energized and effective presentations.

The focus of this workshop is on the importance of passion, energy and creativity. Course components include Preparation, Implementation and Follow-up. There are three videotaped practices in this two day session.


  • Understanding the What's In It for Me (WII - FM) - both for the participant and the presenter.
  • Understanding and using research on retention and motivation.
  • Understanding and appealing to different learning and behavioral styles - creative use of visuals, auditory and physical experiences.
  • Understanding and incorporating the power of stories and quotes.
  • Understanding and using checklists.


  • Effective use of
    • notes.
    • nervousness.
    • AV technologies.
  • Handling questions.
  • Handling "difficult" participants.


  • Recognizing the significance of mutual commitments.


  • Power Openings to grab attention and provide focus.
  • "Dry" information presented in creative and attention-getting deliveries.
  • Power Closings to leave people with a memorable and motivating call to action.