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Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Ilayne over the past two years and her care and concern for me and my Company has been incredible. She met with me to understand the challenges we were facing and the problems in communications between departments. She thoughtfully coached two of our leaders that were having personal conflict and then led our entire management group through the Crucial Conversations training course. She did an excellent job in engaging everyone in the class and ensuring people not only understood the skills but practiced them and then worked closely with me after the course on ways to reinforce the content and improve communications. Ilayne also led me through the process of doing my first 360 evaluation using MRG's Leadership Effectiveness Analysis tool. After taking the assessment, she walked me through all the results and helped me formulate a plan for following up with respondents to gain additional insights and develop a plan for improving my leadership skills. I can't thank Ilayne enough for coaching me through many challenges within our business as well as gaining a much deeper understanding of my leadership strengths and where I can improve.”


“Ilayne Geller's number one passion is individual and organizational success. Her ability to work with an organization to influence change is unprecedented. She is always honest with what she can and cannot deliver, and she truly lives out the behaviors taught in her programs. I have worked within several organizations in which her courses and her consulting work have made a measurable difference. I highly recommend Ilayne Geller and Linkages, Inc to any organization looking to improve their interpersonal and leadership skills.”

—VP of Training

“I used Management Research Group's Leadership Effectiveness model to gain a deeper understanding of how I was doing as a leader and where I could improve. The very detailed tool provided insights from my boss, peers and direct reports across 22 different leadership skills. The findings were fascinating and provided me insights I did not know from people that I interacted with on a regular basis. I would recommend this tool as long as you have a strong coach like Ilayne at your side to help you understand the feedback and what to do about it.”


“I have known and worked with Ilayne Geller for the past nine years. Not only was I incredibly impressed by the quality of content that she facilitated the first time I attended one of her sessions, but also the connection I felt with her as a knowledgeable professional. Ilayne and I have a great business partnership as she has served as a mentor, coach, consultant, and facilitator for me, and for the Learning & Development departments I have managed at three different companies. It is refreshing to know there are still reputable consultants in the field today - Ilayne personifies servant leadership to me as she is truly committed to offering the best solutions for her client's specific needs, even if it creates more work for her and less potential business at that moment. However, this practice ensures that her clients will always come back to her when they need assistance. I know I have time and time again.”

—Chief of Staff

“Ilayne Geller is a superb instructor, giving her all in the planning and delivery, plus follow up, for all the courses she has done for us. She knows her material, cares deeply for each participant, and provides specific examples as solutions to questions. Her passion is obvious. Her focus is on the product of the product, i.e., producing results as a result of applying the new skills she taught.”

—VP, People Development

“Ilayne Geller introduced our company to two training courses that take a fresh approach to common managerial challenges. The courses received high marks from all levels of management for providing practical techniques and realistic practice scenarios. In addition to offering learning solutions that really work, Ilayne provides stellar service and support. She - and her courses - are the best!”

—People Development Director