Results + Relationship Skills = Sustainable Success


Workshop Comments

“Clients consistently tell us that time is their most critical asset. Their desired return on investment is that the hours spent away from daily operating responsibilities will be worth the time invested due to the improved performance results obtained through the application of our services. Therefore, the following statement is part of every project evaluation as a meaningful indicator of customer satisfaction:

This workshop was a good use of my time.

The average response to this statement is 6.7 on a 7 point scale.

According to clients, the second most critical deliverable is the flexibility and skill of the facilitator. As a result, our other evaluation statement reads:

The facilitator was effective in helping the group achieve its objectives.

The average response to this statement is 6.8 on a 7 point scale.

In addition to the above statements, our evaluations consist of open-ended questions and discussions. The following comments are direct quotes from key stakeholders.

“Ilayne facilitates with a true passion, energy, and drive to equip our leaders with the tools they need for successful Crucial Conversations. Our leaders respond with overwhelming satisfaction with, not only Ilayne's facilitation skills, but her willingness to go above and beyond the classroom setting to individual coaching for leaders when needed. She is always offering her assistance to participants following the workshop to ensure they live and breathe the skills and have a true impact on their role in the organization. Crucial Conversations, and Ilayne in particular, is one of our best-attended and most sought-after programs.”

—Supervisor, Learning and Leadership Development

“The class achieved outstanding level one results. 4.85 for overall satisfaction and a perfect 5.0 on facilitator feedback - with all 20 participants! Additionally, the comments from participants around what they would do differently are very specific and every one of the 20 respondents committed to taking some action to improve their skills. Coaching effectively when things are going well or even with mixed performance is important. Solving these chronic types of performance problems is critical. I know these managers are now better equipped to handle those conversations and positively impact performance. Thanks for everything you put into the class to make it so impactful to these managers.”

—Training Manager

“Ilayne's stories helped reinforce the concepts and showed how I can use the skills in my own life. I like the practical application of the material and the fact that we practiced the skills throughout the course.”


“The ability to have positive, successful conversations with internal partners about difficult topics is critical to my role. I feel like I've been going through these conversations blind - and now my eyes are open. With practice and application of the new skills I'm looking forward to being much better at having these conversations.”


“I came in very skeptical of the possibility of improving my very weak listening skills and my company's culture. I leave quite optimistic that I can personally improve not only my effectiveness, but that I can have an impact on the corporation as well. Collectively this class can have a huge impact.”

—Manager, Operations

“The training helped us to focus on fixing issues using effective management skills. Ilayne's flexible facilitation style allowed our issues to intermingle with program examples making the training practical and real.”

—General Manager

“The week of training that all officers, managers, and supervisors spent with Ilayne Geller paid for itself ten-fold. It served as a catalyst to improve managerial effectiveness, operational productivity and interpersonal communication. Dr. Geller's outstanding coaching and team building skills have made all the difference.”

— Vice President, Operations

“Pushed the group long and hard! This was exactly what the group needed. She seemed genuinely concerned and energized. She was extremely well prepared and honest when she had to be.”

—General Manager

“The Presentation Skills program was a success. If I could bottle half of the skills you possess, I could sell an incredible amount of business and also further my career. The session was definitely memorable and motivating.”

—Sales Person

“Ilayne was effective because she was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She was quick on her feet when it came to feedback and suggestions and was never ignorant of participants' feelings and reactions.”

—HR Manager

“Thank you Ilayne. I learned so much and I really enjoyed your style. I felt comfortable and developed my skills. There was personalized attention and the program was motivating and memorable. Super ideas for training - many ahas and take-aways.”


“Ilayne was energetic and enthusiastic. Made us think outside the box. Challenged our comfort zone and encourage idea sharing.”


“This was an excellent use of my time.”


“Ilayne is one of the best trainers I have experienced in many years. I learned not only course content, but presentation skills as well.”

—Training Manager

“Ilayne is a fantastic instructor, facilitator and consultant. She gave of herself freely and openly. She is extremely generous.”


“Ilayne stepped 'outside the box' and served as a catalyst that turned us from a group of 22 individuals into a cohesive team. I especially liked the way she uses flexibility in the schedule and lets the class choose the degree of emphasis on various items.”

—Manager, Planning

“The facilitator inspired input and interest from everyone in the group, kept the three days lively and interesting, gave herself genuinely and sincerely to the group's desires and kept the group motivated and willing to contribute.”

—Senior Project Manager